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Welcome to Effective Energy Management for Plastics Processors Part 1

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Further Details About This Course

What will this course offer?

What will you learn in this course?

This course will help anyone with an interest in improving the way they manage energy use and the associated costs when processing plastic.

It is relevant to all plastic processors, regardless of whether they are an injection moulder, rotational moulder or an extrusion blow moulder, for example.

Effective Energy Management for Plastics Processors Part 1 provides essential background information that learners are encouraged to complete before progressing to Part 2, which covers specific information tailored to your manufacturing process(es).

Upon completion of Part 1, you will have a thorough understanding of energy use and how to effectively monitor it, as well as a more technical understanding of motors, the use of compressed air, cooling systems and drying polymers.

You will need to pass and complete all modules within this course to unlock your Introduction to Energy Management in Manufacturing Pt 1 certificate.