Frequently Asked Questions

We have a standard price for all our courses, each short course is priced at £99. If you are currently a BPF member, please email before purchasing your course to receive a discounted membership rate.

All of our courses are designed to play though your device browser. We would recommend using up-to-date browser software such as Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

All course quizzes have a pass mark to ensure that you have demonstrated proficient knowledge and understanding of all core concepts. You are welcome to retake each quiz as many time as you need to pass the course.

We do not typically offer refunds for our courses. But if you feel there are exceptional circumstances, please email and we will look into it.

All of our courses are CPD certified and you will receive a certificate of completion with each course that you can download and print.

It depends. Some courses are self-contained, others have different modules that you can select depending upon whether your job involves injection moulding or thermoforming, for example. The individual course overview page should make it clear whether these options exist.

If you have technical problems please email or call 0207 457 5000. Please note that the person answering will not be able to advise you on technical issues but they will be able to put you in touch with the most appropriate, available person.