Fundamentals of Rotational Moulding

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Complete Guide for Rotomoulding Operators

Want to make high quality products from day one?

This course covers everything you need to know, including safe working practices, mould choice, venting, parting lines and much more…!

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Expert Dr Nick Henwood Covers Useful Tips

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This course contains a mix of live presentations and diagrams to explain rotomoulding operations.


This course contains the following modules:

Module 1 What Operators Need to Know on Day One 12 minutes
Module 2 Essential Safety Issues Particular to Rotomoulding 12 minutes
Module 3 Tooling 15 minutes
Module 4 Mould Choice – Mould Issues 7 minutes
Module 5 Preserving Parting Lines 9 minutes
Module 6 Mould release agents & coatings 12 minutes
Module 7 Venting 16 minutes
Module 8 Materials for Rotational Moulding 5 minutes
Module 9 Weighing 6 minutes
Module 10 Avoiding Contamination & Waste 11 minutes

The modules within this course take approximately 2 hours to complete.

Any combination of these modules can be taken at your leisure, picking up from where you left off.

Aimed at new entrants to the industry, trainee operators in rotational moulding production, and those returning to work and in need of a refresher.

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This course was designed and developed by Dr Nick Henwood, founder of Rotomotive Ltd.

Dr Henwood is a technical consultant and educator for the rotational moulding industry worldwide and has 25 years+ rotomoulding experience.

After challenging assignments in Dow Chemical and Rotec Chemicals, he founded his own company, Matrix Polymers, with the vision of building a materials supplier that would set a new standard in customer service, technical support and innovation. Over the next fourteen years he built Matrix into a major supplier of materials and services to rotomoulding across Europe.

In parallel with the commercial development of the company, he spearheaded an aggressive and focused R&D programme, which resulted in the development of a number of highly innovative products and process modifications for the benefit of roto-moulders. In mid-2006, Dr Henwood sold his shareholding in Matrix to focus on R&D, technical consultancy and training services.

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