• How do we create sustainable plastic packaging? This course will answer that question. If you have already purchased the course you can access your course here. Equipping you with the knowledge, the skills and the technical know-how, you will learn what it takes to make packaging that uses fewer resources, is easy to recycle, and more.
  • From legislation to design to manufacturing practices, this course has everything you need to know about creating sustainable plastic packaging that incorporates recycled materials. This beginner’s course will enable you to create plastic packaging with recycled content that can later be recycled or reused. Gain the technical know-how and recognise the practices needed to produce better sustainable packaging solutions. Bringing together 60+ years of expertise in packaging, this short course will guide you through the frameworks, ideas, and technical considerations to help you navigate the issues; from understanding processing and property changes and material compatibility to risk and appreciating relevant policy and legislation.


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