Operation Clean Sweep Training Course: Implementing OCS & PAS 510:2021
to prevent plastic pellet, flake and powder loss.

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This course includes:

  • 9 modules

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  • Interactive animations

  • 8 quizzes

  • Certificate of Completion

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2 hours of learning

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This course will teach you how to comply with Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) and PAS 510:2021. By the end of the course, you will have gained the knowledge on how to implement a management system which prevents the loss of plastic pellets, flakes and powder into the environment. Throughout the course there will be summative quizzes to check your knowledge and understanding. This course will take approximately 2 hours to complete and it is CPD accredited by IOM3.

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Who is this course for?

  • OCS Signatories
  • Companies within the plastics supply chain who wish to prevent pellet, flake and powder loss into the environment.

Let’s dive into the course details!

This is a self-directed course delivered to you online through the British Plastic Federation’s learning platform PolymerCourses. It’s completely flexible, you choose when and how to engage with the materials.

Course content:

This section will give you an overview of the different standards and methods available when auditing and reporting that your product contains recycled material.

Learn how to make a reliable and verifiable claim when stating environmental benefits, performance, properties, or characteristics of a product.

Meet the contributors of this course

BPF Sustainability Team

The BPF Sustainability Team has manged OCS in the United Kingdom since 2009. The BPF continues to produce resources to support OCS signatories.

Helen Jordan

Sustainability Team Manager

Omar Davidson

Recycling & Sustainability Issues Executive

Lara Steinhobel

Sustainability Issues Executive

Suzanne Johnston

Operations Director, PS Partnerships & Consultancy Ltd

Suzanne Johnston is Director, and co-owner of PS Partnerships & Consultancy, a specialist, independent plastics consultancy.  Having spent most of her career developing and coordinating large national and EU-funded projects in the plastics industry, she has honed her skills in managing and supporting technical teams to deliver successful R&D and innovation projects.

Suzanne takes the lead in PS Partnerships sustainability projects, helping businesses to improve the sustainability of their products and processes and reducing their impact on the environment, particularly when using plastics.  She was one of the technical authors of PAS 510, the world’s first plastic pellet loss prevention standard, and now works with businesses to implement the PAS as well as auditing against its requirements.

Suzanne helps companies achieve compliance to international standards, regulations and legislation through the introduction of information, certification and management systems. She supports businesses with their regulatory and compliance documentation across a number of industry sectors including construction, medical, packaging, plastics and engineering.

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9 modules filled with lessons, resources, case studies + more!

2 hrs of High-Quality Online Learning

This course includes:

  • 9 modules

  • On demand audio

  • Interactive animations

  • 8 quizzes

  • Certificate of Completion

This course will teach you:

  • 1

    What Operation Clean Sweep is

  • 2

    What PAS 510:202 is

  • 3

    Important terms and definitions

  • 4

    How they are structured

  • 5

    Business benefits

  • 6

    Environmental benefits

  • 7

    How to get started

Certificate of Completion

A personalised certificate of completion is available upon completion of this course.