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Understand How To Make Packaging More Sustainable!

This free trial course explains the environmental issues associated with using plastic packaging, and covers the topics:

– Marine litter

– Recycling insights

– Carbon impacts

– Bioplastics

And much more… Access the free trial version to learn what the science says about reducing plastic packaging waste, and how we can create more sustainable packaging.

Do you want to be well informed about the issues that matter? Then take this free trial course that can help you make more sustainable choices in the future!

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Created by Environmental and Packaging Specialists


Used by more than 400 brands in over 35 countries, this short 1.5 hour course gives you an excellent understanding in environmental issues around plastic packaging.

Take the free trial – which is a short 15 minute intro – and instantly learn more than 90% of people about this important topic!

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Brian Lodge, Packaging Design Manager, helped create this course based on decades of experience in the packaging industry. Leading academics and environmental experts were consulted throughout the course’s development, and the course was part-funded by UK Research and Innovation.

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